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Welcome to the H. A. Hyde Elementary Website.


H. A. Hyde Elementary has been serving the central Watsonville community for over 60 years. We are a school community dedicated to providing students with an opportunity to reach their greatest potential as scholars, citizens and individuals. We serve students from Kindergarten through fifth grade and house three Special Day Classes. We have an active Home and School Club that helps make the Hyde school community thrive.


Our vision is that students know where they are, where they are going, and what their next step is. Knowing where they are means that students have a clear understanding of their ability levels based on a progression of skill and strategies within each standard. Knowing where they are going means that students know that the progression of skills and strategies leads to the ultimate mastery of the standard and are clear as to the Success Criteria of that standard. Knowing what their next step is means that students know their own area of growth in order to move along the progression.


H. A. Hyde Hornets have Hyde PRIDE! Hyde PRIDE refers to the positive behavior characteristics and traits that we model, discuss, encourage and recognize. P stands for Problem Solving. R stands for Respecting Everyone. I is for Acting With Integrity. D is for Being Determined and Persevering. E is for Setting and Maintaining High Expectations. Each month we focus on one of these traits and recognize students and staff that exemplify each trait.


Thank you for visiting us on the web and welcome to the H. A. Hyde community.




Brooke Hofkins