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Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Celebrate Computer Science week on December 4-10 by participating in the Hour of Code.  

Millions of students worldwide will be learning the basics of programming through fun games and activities.  Help us get to 100 million!

New 2017 video: Coding with Stephen Curry


President Obama asks America to learn computer science


Students of all ages have participated in the Hour of Code. You can too!


What Most Schools Don't Teach


Hour of Code is Here: Anybody Can Learn


Hour of Code Websites

Code Courses has different Courses to choose from by age.  If you want to learn all about coding, challenge yourself to work through a course by completing all of the lessons.


Hour of

On the Hour of Code website, you can refine your search by selecting a grade in the top navigation menu, as well as choosing different options to the left.  For example, choose the device you are using, Self-led tutorial, and a Language (Blocks are easier than Typing).

Hour of Code Activities

Even more Challenging Websites for Coding